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Re: Lyric Request

I can get most of it, but, as usual, I have a few holes that dad will try to fill in in the next day or so, then I'll post it.

Re: Re: Lyric Request

That'd be great! I was e-mailing Wilson the other day and forgot to ask for lyrics and, rather than bug him again, figured I'd ask the board. The board knows all, hears, all, and sees all! Thanks for the help Bryan!

Re: Re: Re: Lyric Request

Well, this is the best we can come up with, some parts we arent clear enough on to be sure (in parentheses), and still one hole. Maybe someone else here can help us out. Christian?? I really enjoy transcribing songs, but some can be a little frustrating.

T’as quitté pour t’en aller, t’en aller à big Pineville.
Moi j’connais ça fait d’la peine , ouais,
( ) que moi j’te ‘oir,
Mais t’en aller ‘si loin d’icitte,
Moi j’connais ça fait d’la peine
Au jour d’hui mais mon j’va aller,
Ouais là bas dans les grand chemins.

Au jour d’hui mais moi j’connais,
Tu va brailler, mais un bon jour
(J'te 'mander, mais, de pas gone,)
pour ça t’as fait y a pas long temps
Avec moi t’as cassé moi, chere ‘tit couer,
Ça fait d’la peine,
Au jour d’hui tu va brailler,
C'est un peut trop tard pour moi et toi.

You left to go away, you are on your way to big Pineville,
I know that is painful, yes, ( )
that I see you.
But you are going so far from here,
I know that's painful, but today I am going,
Yes, over there on the big roads.

Today I know you will cry, but one fine day.
(I asked you not to go ) for what you did not long ago.
With me, you broke my dear little heart,
That's painful,
Today you will cry, but its a little late for me and you.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Lyric Request

Thanks Bryan!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Lyric Request

I can't, Bryan, sorry. I don't have this CD.


Missing words

The missing words of the beginning of the third line appears to be:

"Mais chaque fois..."

I had sent it to Bryan, but I guess he hasn't seen it yet, or maybe didn't get it.

Dowell Lafleur

Re: Re: Re: Re: Lyric Request

Tu m'as quitté pour t'en aller, t'en aller avec Pine Leaf.
Moi, je connais ça me fait de la peine, ouais chaque fois que moi, je te vois.
'Pres t'en aller si loin d'ici. Moi, je connais ça me fait de la peine
Aujourd'hui moi je vas aller, ouais là-bas dans les grands pins

Aujourd'hui ouais moi je connais, tu vas brailler un bon jour
Tu vas mander mais des pardons, pour ça t'as fait il n'y a pas longtemps
Avec moi t'as cassé mon cher 'tit coeur, ça me fait de la peine
Aujourd'hui tu vas brailler, ça sera trop tard pour moi et toi

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