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Lafayette waltz

I just started to learn to play the cajun accordion.
I found a great track by Wayne Toups called Lafayette waltz.Can somebody help me out with some tabs or something like that?

Re: Lafayette waltz

The Lafayette Waltz, The Calcasieu Waltz, and Late In Life, are my favorite Wayne Toups tunes, period. I can understand why you'd want to learn The Lafayette Waltz -- it is beautiful, and those early recordings of Wayne, he was the man to beat -- and still is!

I've never seen tabs for Cajun music, (i.e., accordion) really. My suggestion (thanks to Marc Savoy) would be to listen to that tune until you can hum it, sing it, and whistle it. If you can do that, you'll find it a whole lot easier to pick out. This may take several dozen times, listening to the tune over and over and over (and over yet again!)

Cajun music is something you've got to feel in your heart, soul and mind before your fingers can play what your ears are hearing.

Good luck and don't give up!


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