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Teacher in SE Texas

Anyone know of a Cajun accordion teacher in the Beaumont, Texas area?


Re: Teacher in SE Texas

No, but Aaron Chesson is in Vinton, LA which is only 10 minutes from Orange. He is always offering to teach...maybe he will respond...

Re: Re: Teacher in SE Texas

i just ended my vacation (spent it with family in Sulphur - 11 miles from Vinton), and had several lessons with Aaron. Since I've always been narrowly focused on interested only in the 'old-fashioned' stuff - 60's & 70's -- aaron was more than up to the task of showing me particular songs I've always wanted to learn. He was patient and generous with his time and knowledge. It seems to me that taking an accordion lesson has to be different in format to taking a lesson on piano, or some other instrument where you would typically play from sheet music. From my perspective as a continuing beginner, to me an accordion lesson involves someone showing me how to play a specific song. Aaron handled this method very nicely, and I intend to book some more lessons with him when the opportunity presents itself.

Re: Re: Re: Teacher in SE Texas

I spoke with him yesterday. I'm set up.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Teacher in SE Texas

Welcome to the forum Joey B! Tell us how the lessons go.

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