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Corey Ledet DVD songs :audio sources Help!

Am messing with the Cory DVD and realized that I have lots of Jolie Blonde recordings.. but only one of Bye Bye Catin ( and I assume it has several names ) on the Boozzoo "Atomic" CD..which is totally different than Cory's. Also am missing Boudin Man and can't find Zydeco Boogaloo.. Can anyone help me locate these originals.. either download or CDs?

Thanks.. GLENN

Re: Corey Ledet DVD songs :audio sources Help!

Boudin Man is on his new CD which is a must have.
His version of Zydeco Boogaloo is very nice. The licks on it are transferable to a whole bunch of songs and riffs. It takes awhile to get it but is well worth it. I have Zydeco Boogaloo on a couple of CDs. Beau Jocques version comes to mind.

Re: Re: Corey Ledet DVD songs :audio sources Help!

Thanks Johnny A.

I finally found a Beau Boogaloo version.. no sign of Bye Catin besides the Boozoofried one on the Atomic CD..

Will check out Cory's CD if I can find it sold online !


Re: Corey Ledet DVD songs :audio sources Help!

Hey Glenn:

Oh Bye Catin is also called Motordude Special

Its on Boozoo's
Live! At The Habibi Temple, Lake Charles Louisiana

Beau Jocques's
Git It, Beau Jocque!

Zydeco Boogaloo is on

Beau Jocques's
I'm Coming Home

I'm pretty sure Boudin Man is Cory Ledet original.


Re: Re: Corey Ledet DVD songs :audio sources Help!

Thanks!! .. was going crazy !! mystery solved. thanks bunches guys.


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