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Re: Re: Gene Losey--Off Topic (sorta)

yeah well, it doesn't seem like yesterday to me. It has been an excruciating three years for myself, my wife and my son. Even though he will only be two at the end of the month.

Re: Gene Losey--Off Topic (sorta)

Good to hear others are using Mac to record. I have a 2000(year) G4. I was very happy with Sound Jam to make mp3 files of my playing or from a CD. Then came OS 10.4 update. iTunes took over, lost Sound Jam. I went to Audacity to do recordings and make mp3 files. Still not sure about how iTunes manages the sound files. But Audacity is great for me . Recorded Mardi Gras Song on the accordion and tin whistle with Audacity, works great.... Ed

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