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Don Montoucet

On the front page of last Sunday's NY Times is a really nice story about Don Montoucet, former accordion player in the Wandering Aces and the Mulate Playboys, and now an 80-year old maker of triangles from old hayrakes. Pretty cool to see Cajun music on the front page of the Times!!

Re: Don Montoucet

The story was on page 2 of our FL newspaper. It was great to see. Don is one of my all time favorite accordion players.


Re: Re: Don Montoucet

Which Florida paper was that?

Re: Re: Re: Don Montoucet

The Sarasota Herald Tribune. I'm over on the west coast about 60 miles south of Tampa.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Don Montoucet

I'm up in Lakeland just off Rt 4 and 98. Will have to see if that article is online.

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