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Bellows Free?

Wife and I had to get away for a couple of days...wound up in St. Albans Vermont at the Maple Festival, with the Fiddlers Show as the evening's entertainment.

Saw the sign over the door to the auditorium: "Bellows Free Academy"...was convinced our favorite toy was outlawed!

Then, betwixt the 10 year old and 90 year old fiddlers, a French Canadian lass strutted on stage with an old Hohner Vienna two-row and corrected the situation in good form...world safe for accordions again!

Re: Bellows Free?

Well, she could probably play. Or was really cute.

Re: Re: Bellows Free?

She played with authority, but it was the step dancer who was really cute

Re: Bellows Free?

Hi Steve,

Wow, that's my old stompin' grounds up there in the great white north! I lived in N. Vermont for 14 years until '91. Did you run into Soundhound?


Re: Re: Bellows Free?

David - nope...didn't know Soundhound was in that neck of the woods or what he looks like.

Didn't really try to step out of the audience and connect with the musicians since the trip was mostly about getting away and resting up with my wife.

The bed and breakfast owner in Jeffersonville did knock 10% off our bill out of appreciation for hearing me pick and squeeze on the porch: always nice to go where music is welcome!

One of the area highlights was visiting the Magic Hat Brewing Company, and Church Street in Burlington was quite a lively scene. I'll pick your mental travelogue if we head up that way again.

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