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Re: Pigs Take A Stand!

Hey Ricky,

I know what you mean about the atmosphere. Believe me, I really wanted to the love the place. It's true that it's 100% unpretentious, unpolished Acadiana -- nothing like the stressful, pricey experience of having North Dallas waitresses rush past you while you stare at crab nets and quasi-Cajun novelties bolted to the wall. Not to bash Pappadeaux's and Razzoo's -- they're your best bet for Cajun in Dallas (do you remember place called Red's Cajun Queen? It was right off of Northwest Highway.)

But yeah, may I should stick to po-boys next time. The price is definitely right.

Nick B.

Re: Re: Pigs Take A Stand!

Shucks, Nick. It'a all good! I hear ya though... it's hard to find a meal that's less than satifying in Acadie, brutha! And when you do, it usually registers as a shock to the system! I wish I knew of other hole-in-the-walls in Ville Platte, but I don't. I betcha one of these Braves know one they could shed some light on. Pig Stand has always been a VP default, simply because of its close proximity to Floyd's.

After my cold ham and process cheese on two slices of white bread sandwich I just had for lunch today, I'd take dang near anything under par that came from the Golden Triangle!

BTW, your Doc Marshalls are way cool!


Re: Balfa 2006 Photographs

Hey Big nick! Nice Pics! The young guy in the first pic is Logan, and he is from Louisiana-don't know too much more but I think we will be hearing more from him! Nice to see you again at camp!

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