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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Main Squueze -- where ya at Aaron?

Aww gee! What do we have here. Payton Place????

Re: The Main Squueze

Bill E. Jennings new to cajun music? Where you from? I was born and raised in Jennings and Im 50 years old. I remember riding my bike as a kid to hear the jam sessions every weekend at Purvis Clements barbershop. Blackie Forstier, a pioneer in the music lived down the street from me. For more than 50 years, way more, cajun music has thrived in the Jennings area. The Jeff Davis Parish Fair was and still is as far as I know,the only fair that used cajun music on the carosel. Try telling a Jerry Dugas Jennings is new to cajun music.. Now I'll agree Jennings itself is not as big as Lafayette but Cajun music in Jennings is just as big...my humble opinion only..

Re: Re: The Main Squueze

hey billy glad to see ya found the bravenet site!

yea when i read that about jennings i was confused also lol...jennings new to cajun music? :)

lets see..we have eddie lejeune,doug kershaw, ed gary,blackie forestier,lanor records,KJEF radio..the station paul marx of KBON cut his teeth on,fews miles to the south in lake arthur varise conner, and countless other cajun musician's in jennings past and present....yup cajun music is new to jennings

Re: Re: The Main Squueze

You are right guy. I now remember reading about Jennings all the time in the publications with stories about Cajun Music. Sorry for the mistake.

Re: Re: Re: The Main Squueze

i'm sorry Bill E....where did you say you was from again?

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