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London File Gumbo May 5th

Hi Gunnar,

I'm sorry I didn't see your earlier post re. 'File Gumbo Club' I've not been posting much here recently. Though I usually 'pop in' to see what's been happening.

Anyway, it didn't really matter because we DID meet up in the bar where 'The London Cajun Jammers' play every month. Nice to have met you! I hope you had an enjoyable evening?

Gunnar joined us for a jam and was also invited to play 'upstairs' in the hall where the main 'gig' was happening. Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear you play 'Eunice Two Step' with the main band (ZigaZag) as I was boozeing and squeezing in the bar downstairs.
But from what I heard when you jammed with us, you're a pretty mean cajun accordion player.

Hopefully see you back in London soon?!

London Cajun Jammers meet a couple of times a month at Cecil Sharp House (File Gumbo) and The George(nice pub near London Bridge)
If anyone is intending to visit London and wants to join in, you'd be very welcome - third Monday and 1st Friday of the month.

best regards

Andy W

Re: London File Gumbo May 5th

Hi Andy and all others !

Thanks for your nice words Andy. You are also a very good squeezer, as I heard at the jam. It was great to meet an other member of this forum.

I had a great time in London jamming with you guys in the pub and doing a couple of songs with the Zigazag cajun band.

I hope I'll be back in London soon so I could jam with you again.

If any of you guys on this forum ever come to Sweden, drop me an email and so we can get together for a jam !


Re: Re: London File Gumbo May 5th

Hey Gunnar,

Hope to see you again in London?!

Best Wishes!

Andy W

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