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Re: Mitred Corners?


What's the big deal with mitered corners? Does anyone out there have square holes behind their flappers? Metal vs. plastic buttons? Should I buy an Ariette? Hey, there's an 80 year old Eagle on Ebay...should I buy it? Should I hang my new accordion by the bass strap to stretch out the bellows? Has Augusta been taken over by young punks?

Let's get back on track, y'all. And Aaron, now I'm REALLY interested in seeing your band play, so this whole controversy was, in a way, a good thing.

Good luck with the gig!

Nick B.

Re: Re: Mitred Corners?

Oh Boy,Oh Boy, right in my alley .


Re: the main squeeze continued - Congrats w/ cookies at bed time

Good try Nonc. Been there, done that, got the same result. I do love reading your writing though.
Said all I'm gonna' say for now. I'll just sit here on my limb and continue watching and listening ( cause I don't quite have the age to qualify for AARP yet)

Re: the main squeeze continued - Congrats w/ cookies at bed time

Noc on Jerry Springer! That otta be good.

Bill and Joe.... yeah you're right , could be a dandy. Ha.

You gotta script to sell? I charge good money to script, if I gotta do it myself... try this one.

I'll wear a thong and a leather mask and treat everyone to Chameau on accordion.

We can capture the Arab audience and viewers with that one… After which, I’ll open handed slap half the audience and tell em I had a thang with their momma and start a dandy accordion war to be fought in Jennings. We can post it up and advertise some big ole trophy thing and I'll toss in all my goofy accomplishment plaques and certificates of achievement and some ole cooter bobble heads and get you know who to enter the contest (that'll put the bacon on the table for sure).... We could hold some sorta skank moc wedding on stage and mud wrestle the preacher and the organ player. Afterwards, we'll spray the bride down with Dixie beer and cool aid, pitch a gob of rice, sweep it up, cook it with some onion, peppers and put a spice on it and call it dinner.

Bill and Joe, you got a gob of work to do hooking this Springer thing up. I want $5k minimum up front + 20% of the gate and 10% of the sales & advertisining.. There will be a stout technical rider with my own sound man and a backline requiremen...oh, and a dandy load in with arrowhead bottle water (9 ounce size)and a jug of George Dickel. Getter Done !

Boys, ya got ole Nonc giggling, I appreciate it

Re: Bill and Joe.... yeah you're right , could be a dandy. Ha.

Ya gotta quit smelling your fingers Nonc. That brown stuff under your nails is getting to your brain.

Re: the main squeeze continued

Just got back from hearing Eric ..uh, I mean Aaron Chesson and The Main Squeeze. If you havent had a chance to see them, go see them by all means. Lots of energy and talent. They all switch up instruments and play different things. Within the band I saw 3 really good accordion players. They all look like they're having fun. Great band Aaron...keep it up!!


hey thanks man, wish you woulda got up there and played drums a lil so i coulda heard how good you are in case i need ya. Email me when you can.

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