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thought i was having a heart attack!

i just got back from the emergency room... thought i was having a heart attack!... about 1130 this morning my chest got tight as hell and felt like i tore all the muscles in it.....i shrugged it off as a pulled muscle or soemthing...couple hours later it was still there so i went to medical at my squadron and had them do a blood pressure check on me....alil high but nothing too bad....but they made me go to acute care at the med clinic...

they did a EKG and doc listened to my heart and stuff....and said it was an inflammed nerve/muscle in chest area...said EKG was normal

i have been gone for 20 days or so and not playing my accordion(i brought it with me but only played once).. and since i been home i been playing the heck out of it...i think i pulled my chest muscles or something from not playing much lol.....has anyone had this happen to them yet? i have gotten sore before but usually my wrist..fingers and shoulders..but never the middle chest area..

oh yea..here's a pic of my future girlfriend ...she wants to learn how to play the accordion but doesnt have an accordion yet..so shes practicing as best she can....

Re: thought i was having a heart attack!

Glad to hear you're fine. Can't speak to the chest pain from playing, though. And your 'girlfriend', well she seems to all ready have the bellows action down

Re: thought i was having a heart attack!

Glad to hear you're ok...been there its scary..glad for you on the girlfriend though. Now, Ive heard of accordions in the key of C and Bflat etc.. but never heard of one in the Key of Double D..whoo hoo!!!!!

Re: thought i was having a heart attack!

Hope you now feel better Chad. Are you perhaps playing a little too hard? Remember your accordion is not an air compressor. Take it easy. It will be better for you and the accordion.

Re: thought i was having a heart attack!

Weird...I had a similar experience...even tried to go see
my doctor...because I was having chest pain...he didn't
have an appt. so he told me to go to the emergency room..
(medicine in america) they checked me out..did an ekg, everything was fine...elevated blood pressure...probably because I was freaking out.

Similar thing strained muscle...still feel it
off and on. Not sure if I started playing differently or if
its a combination of playing the accordion and starting to play the fiddle...(you have to be a contortionist to play the fiddle)

Anyway...it was weird to see your post. Hope you are feeling better. Mark

Re: Re: thought i was having a heart attack!

its not my girlfriend but sure wish it was..yea billy.. i think it is the key of double D lol

Mark...its kind of reassuring that another accordion player had this happen too.. makes me believe more that it was the accordion that caused it and not the 20 days of beer,oysters, hot wings and fast food in panama city beach lol.....i'm just gonna be sure to do some kind of stretching before playing..

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