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Richards Club is closing....

It is NOT a rumor. Kermon Jr. has been evicted by other family member(s) and May 13 may be the last dance.

This is a very dark day for zydeco lovers, following right on the heels of the Hamilton's Club closing.

We can only hope that as one door closes, a window opens...

I was at Richards this past Saturday for keith frank, and it was as great as ever.
I hope against hope that something will change, and that Richards will be preserved for all time.

Major bummer!

What a shame.

I hope you are right that something will fill the void.


Re: Major bummer!

Sho'nuff is a shame, Captain Sousa. It does seem like the Blue Moon Saloon and Pat's Atchafalaya Club have picked up a little bit o' de zydeco slack, albeit from the "major players." But those venues will never have the window-fanned shotgun shack ambience that Richard's has (had). El Sido's is still up and running! It's still a fantastic zydeco club. Somebody needs to open a "strickly" zydeco venue in downtown Lafayette, if'n ya axe me. The sports bars and "oonks-oonks-oonks-oonks" techno clubs in downtown make me feel like I'm back in Dallas. Guess that's why I rarely trek down 'dere. Guess you still gotta "go to the country for the zydeco." BTW, I dodged the tornados last night. They were about 15 miles north of my house. What a light show it was...


Re: Richards Club is closing....

check out www.theadvertiser.com for the story on RICHARD'S CLUB. Yes, Saturday is the last rodeo for Zydeco lover's at Richard's, a staple for the last 59 years in Lawtell.

Re: Richards Club is closing....

Here is a link to the article from the Oplelousas Daily World.


Gonna miss that place...saw some amazing people there. Mark

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