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Re: Matt OQuain

hi aaron, just sent you an email earlier this a.m.
Had messed my computer up temporariyly when I installed new operating system over the old, and thought I had lost all my files. Re-discovered my uploaded lesson tapes last night, and spent the evening moving them to back-up drive on my computer - just in case i really mess up my computer. Fixing to start trying to learn belisaire. I think the step-by-step you did on tape for me on the Kaplan Waltz is going to be greatly beneficial for me due to my slowness in picking up this stuff. I wished it had occurred to me to get you to do Belisaire, Service Blues, and Valse Criminelle that way (and all those other good songs to tapped out :-)) Would have been a great save for me!! So, it's tempting to start with Kaplan because of the ease with which you broke it down on tape, and I still might. Thanks again

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