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did you get a new purple accordion?

was it David that got the new Miller purple accordion?

did joanieblon have one too?

I'd sure love to see some pics. How about it?


Re: did you get a new purple accordion?

My purple accordion is a Martin C with crawfish bellows made from purpleheart wood. I've had it for about 4 years or so now ~ and it's still like new. Stopped playing when I developed chronic frozen shoulder. Yuck.

Re: Re: did you get a new purple accordion?

hey Joanie! Not being critical. It looks very nice but Don't let that purple accordion see too much sunlight or it's going to turn brown as the purpleheart oxydizes. For that one chere, the less light the better. Keep it like new and take care.!!!

Question for JoanieBlon

What key is the 5 stop Falcon?

Re: Question for JoanieBlon

Its an E.

Not me - it was Larry.

It wasn't me, it was Larry. Quite a looker from the pictures


it was me

got it around mardi gras time

pictures are over on dwight;s cajun accordion
gallery site

joanie had them here for a while


Re: it was me

I called Larry Miller and he is taking his last orders for accordions. I asked him to make me a Bb purple accordion. I was thinking of a black bellows with the diamond pattern. I would like to pick out a good color for the flappers. any ideas?

Black inlays would look good against purple.


Re: did you get a new purple accordion?

It is going to be a sad day when Larry Miller hangs it up. Last time I was there, he was trying to convince his grandson to carry on the business.

Larry Miller is going to retire soon....bummer

Larry is one of a kind. He's been a good friend to me and has sold me many accordions. Is his grandson (Blake?) interested in his business? I'm going to sell my Miller Bb to get a new Bb from Larry. The one I'm selling is oak.

Re: Larry Miller is going to retire soon....bummer

how much?

Re: Re: Larry Miller is going to retire soon....bummer

probably $800. I do have an internal mike that would be a bit extra. It's a nice quarter sawn oak accordion made from wood from the bottom of Lake Superior. It's probably 3 years old, max. The bellows is nicely broke in. It won't be available until later this summer.

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