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Re: Re: accordian players or there music?

Cris has the best words concerning the whole thing. take heed of those and keep on playing! Keep the trash down if you can. He is right about cajun music being a family thing.

having the time of my life...


This is NOT directed at you. However, you did open the door by asking a question that burns inside me every day. That question being, am I being the steward of the gifts that I have given?

We have all heard someone say that , perhaps have even said it ourselves: "I am just having the time of my life!"

There are two 'things' issued to us at the start of our lives. We don't know how much we have of the one and we are reponsible for building and protecting the other..

The first is time... none of us knows how much we were issued.

The second is reputation..."son, your first name you can smear all you want, but your last name was my father's. You have no right to smear my dad's name."

So... the thing that I have never understood:

Why does anyone wnat to waste their time and ruin their reputation?

And why would I ever want to applaud a bad act?

Yes, it is the whole deal... Chris got it right...people.


Re: having the time of my life...

Well said Crhris and Griff,

However, the Industry as a whole, has a bad habit of swallowing it,s little ones long and hard.
If Aaron at his age doesn't know right and wrong, well he's got a problem, and again maybe not as Americans it seems, are very forgiving of their idols faults.
Chris has some very good points based on his musician experiences, and Griff his life ones.
BUT, I'm sterting to believe that we are giving too much attention to a problem, witch might not really exist, except perhaps one aspect of it, that I will call grand standing or deception.
More and more I get the amusing feeling that Aaron doesn't need anyone's help and has enlisted a series of aliases to perpetuate a young men's growing up problems.
I'm starting to think that Aaron Chesson is laughing hard at us.

I stand to be corrected.


Re: Re: having the time of my life...

Not in any way meaning to sound rude but I can promise you one thing. Aaron Chesson is not making up numerous names on here to draw attention. "MOM" is his mother. Aaron simply asked if people go to see the performer for their music or their life drama because he doesnt want it affecting how people view him in cajun music. He is not a fame seeker. He never wanted any of his family problems even to come to light on this board or anywhere else. They should stay PRIVATE and in the family but his mother has very different ideas on that. She is the one that has brought about all the family issues to the chat board. NOT AARON. He does care deeply about his reputation and it getting smeared due to the fact his mother cant keep their personal family issues out of public eye. She does this because she is mad and desperately trying to "draw him out" to talk to her and confront her. He does not want to for many many soild reasons that should NOT be posted here. But... she seems to keep the posts going by posting very personal matters (some which are very very untrue) on here just to hurt his public reputation. Aaron plays his music from the heart. He does not do it for fame. He does not do it for the money. He does it because it is what is in his heart and what he loves. On the other hand he also doesnt want people that do not even know him in person forming false opinions of him before they even get the chance to hear what a great musician and entertainer he is. He loves to play and thrives on seeing people enjoy themselves when he is playing as much as he enjoys himself while playing. (ha i hope that made sense).
So, no Aaron is NOT making up numerous fake names on here to draw attention to himself. That would be a foolish thing to do. Besides, his mother is the one famous for making fake names to start trouble. Not him. I do hope I did not offend you or anyone else. It was not my intention. I just want the drama to stop.. on here and in his personal life. Please, get to know Aaron and or his music before forming any sort of opinions about him based on words from an angry mother that is going to desperate measures to make him speak to her.

(If any of you actually took the time to go way back in time on here and see numerous posts from "jessica, Number1fan, Redjelloshots, Evelina, Evelyn,"MOM"...and a few others...they are ALL HIS MOTHER posing under fake names to stir up trouble. She has been caught and busted numerous times already. I know none of this matters but it does show that Aaron is not the one that keeps family and personal issues in the public light. He just wants to play his music and share his talent with others.)

Im sure his "MOM" will come back on this with more insults, false accusations, lies and rants but thats ok...its expected from her.


Re: Re: Re: having the time of my life...

Whooo Weeee Maybe we better just let a sleeping dog lay.

By the way someone told me that Chinese accordions sound better and play better than Louisian accordions.

Re: Re: Re: Re: having the time of my life...

Yea Right!!!

tee joe

nah, once they rattle the dogs cage he doesnt just lay for a while lol

Re: tee joe

Well you just have to let it go my man. Don't believe that bull crap about a bad reputation being better than none at all. It'll catch up to you one day when it means the most. Good Luck!

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