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Buying acordeon in Louisianna

I'm coming from Montréal to get something more cajun than my honner I have for 20 years. What would you suggest me. Nice sound, nice look and tough, as I live far from the dealer. Is there a place we can have good used one?
Where could I have a few lesson while I am in Lafayette area?
Merci beaucoup et laissez le bon temps jouer!

Re: Buying acordeon in Louisianna

Im sure theres many. If you are coming that far I would sure make it a point to go visit Mark Savoy in Eunice. Also, in Lafayette, right off of I-10 at the ambassadeur Caffree exit, right behind the Microtel Hotel, Martin Accordions are made...Those are two 'must stops' for sure...Hope you enjoy your trip down here.

Re: Re: Buying acordeon in Louisianna

If you're looking for lessons in Lafayette, get in touch with Wilson Savoy (pineleafboys.com). He's just a couple doors down from the Blue Moon.

Re: Re: Re: Buying acordeon in Louisianna

Salut Dan, j'arrive juste de la Louisiane. Je t'envoie un courriel avec des réponses.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Buying acordeon in Louisianna

You can also check with Mitch Reed at louisiana Heritage and gifts just north of Lafayette (not far off I-10).

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