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Scott - Hound Dog Roll Lyrics

Scott did you ever get a chance to ask your friend about the lyrics to hound Dog Roll.
I would have emailed you but did not have your address.
drop me an email or post them here,

Re: Scott - Hound Dog Roll Lyrics

Hi Russ,

Here ya go:

Wee Willy Moe .....
Now he can't even go to Carencrow

You can't zydeco, you used to say let's go for more the ladies want to know if you can get up and go

Hope that helps. Scott

Re: Re: Scott - Hound Dog Roll Lyrics

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the lyrics and the email.
I never would have got them by listening.

Is Carencrow the name of a special place?


Scott another Jude question for you

Hi scott another Jude question for you.

What brand accordion is he currently playing
and more importantly, what reed set up does he have on
his box, LMMH or LMMM.

and who does he use for an accordion tech to do his
tuning and such.


Re: Re: Re: Scott - Hound Dog Roll Lyrics

It is the name of a community near Lafayette.

Thanks Scott and Tee Joe

Thanks Scott and Tee Joe

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