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Re: dry tuned / mock wet --- bad for reeds?

i doubt it hurts the reeds, after all, closing
a stop makes for less air flow.

the problem with partially closing a stop is that
some reeds detune more than others.

it won;t be uniform.

though it may be close enough for a few notes.

also the next time you try it, it will probably
come out all different..


Re: Re: dry tuned / mock wet --- bad for reeds?

I'm with DP on this one. I believe that it would not take long for some of the reeds to go our of tune. Maybe all but some. Harmonicas go out in this way.

Re: Re: Re: dry tuned / mock wet --- bad for reeds?

harmonicas only go out because you are also
REALLY blowing or sucking to bend a note, putting
much more stress on things.

my 2c worth


Re: Re: Re: Re: dry tuned / mock wet --- bad for reeds?

I agree, but some button box players do the same thing and if you have some reed banks partially closed off When you put the old air compressor hold on the box. Well you know what happens.

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