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Step Rideau Tune

Anyone know the SR tune, "Going To Louisiana" ? From his release, "From Step 2 U". It's one of my all-time favorite zydeco tunes.

Is homeboy playing it on a Bb? If so, he is doing most of that song on the push -- which is a killer task in air management. Is he possibly playing it on the topside of an Eb?


Re: Step Rideau Tune

Yep, it is a HOT tune! Step has been a big favorite of mine for years. I used to play Standing Room a lot, but the band kept screwing up the chord progression so I had to drop it (Grrrr! What does it take to get good help these days?)

I would have to check later when I can get the accordion in my hands, but I did figure this one out a while back. My recollection is that it is on the push, and it may well have been in Bb. I highly doubt that it was on an Eb box.

I don't remember having air management trouble, but it was a challenge to play everything in octaves at that speed, so I left some of them out. I am not sure he used octaves on everything anyway.

That tune is kinda different. It is really quite simple and I quickly figured out how to play it, but it was somehow breaking some new ground muscle memory wise.


Re: Re: Step Rideau Tune

Sousa you rock! Thanks for the info! Talk about new ground -- yeah you right! I reckon I'm gonna have to inhale that breather fast on the one good pull in that riff. Thanks for confirming that I'm not insane. Well, at least on the key! Otherwise, I'm as goofy as a wooden wristwatch.


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