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Re: Re: Jean-Pierre Mundal

Dazz a purty one! Love the black with pearl inlay -- NICE choice. Man, Jude knows how to build 'em. BTW, I've recently picked up Jude's CD (the one on which he sings La Valse de Pecanaire) and have been playing it on my radio show. His family throws in some fabulous harmonies on it. He sings, he plays, he builds. I gotta meet this guy!

Thanks Jean-Pierre!


Re: Thanks Rick

Impatiently awaiting my new Jude Moreau, a wet tuned C all white and silver, I guess the Yang to my Ying (or is it the other way around).
Love your site my the way Rick.

Re: Jean-Pierre Mundal looking for bass player

Any bass players want to move to Hawaii?
I hear JP is looking for a bass player for the Bayou Cadillacs.


Re: Re: Jean-Pierre Mundal has found bass player

Thanks much for the thought guys. We have had incredible luck in finding a great bass player navy guy from Opalousas stationed in Hawaii. He grew up on Zydeco. It's a real struggle finding musicians who have a clue outside Louisiana. Thanks again for the interest.

Re: Re: Re: Jean-Pierre Mundal has found bass player

hey Jean.. i'm still heading to Hawaii in june....i hope i can catch one of ya'll gig's!

Re: Jean-Pierre Mundal

It is OPELOUSAS, LOUISIANA. I know because here I am in Opelousas. thanks

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