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max trax

anyone know of any cds that max trax out of crowley has recorded?

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Aaron -- do you mean, "Master Track", i.e., Mark Miller's studio? If so, there's a long list of laudable recordings cut there. I'd have to refer to my collection for a comprehensive list, when I get home tonight...


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Welp, apparently there is (or was) a "Max/Trax" studio in Crowley. Dirk Powell recorded a solo disc there in '99. Maybe it is (was) an alias for "MTE" Master Trak. I can't find much more on Max/Trax other than that. rr

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yea there is a max trax in crowley la just talked to him the other day. I just was wondering who he recorded there and i could maybe hear the sound quality

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Cory McCauley? Not sure if maybe he recorded it and they edited and released that great CD of his several years ago.

Here's a list

First of all--mine! I was very satisfied with what Max Fontenot has to offer, great guy and he gets a great sound and is willing to work with you to get whatever sound you are going for.

Some other notable Cajun or folk recordings from MAX TRAX:
Dirk Powell (solo CD)
Courtney Granger (his first and only solo CD)
Moe-D (all of their CDs)
Les Amies Louisianaises
Kaleb Trahan
John Leger and Debris Cajun Band

and many others in genres from hard rock to country.

I have also recorded at Master Track in Crowley (for the Lousiana Kingfish CD)and was very satisfied. Talk to Mark Miller at MTE in Crowley.
Hope that helps.

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