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Re: Not just John Locke! Richard??

Dana.... he's an unbelievable resemblance to Richard . WOW!

JP: That is a beautiful accordion (by the way).
Can't wait to see a photo of the sister.

A question I am wondering:
Do you also play key boards by chance?

Nonc D

Who built the Bon Temps accordion on the picture?

Very nice box. Who built it?

Disregard my last

I found the answer to my question on the next segway below. Jude Moreau built it...

Re: Nonc D

keyboard player for some 40 years Nonc D.
Have a good weekend.

Re: Re: Nonc D

What a beautiful Accordian,I am also the proud owner of a Jude Moreau "Bon Temps" accordion, and I must say it is a "DREAM" to play. Way to go Jude.

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