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Boozoo "Keep yer dress tail down"

Hey Everyone,

Can anyone tell me what 6 notes (or rather what buttons) Boozoo is playing between seconds 9 and 10 of this clip:


A friend has described it as Boozoo sitting on his rocking chair, playing along and then a mosquito comes and he's swatting at the mosquito, and he has to finish the phrase so he just throws these six notes out there, and it ends up sounding perfect.

I realize he's probably not playing this on a Bb box (probably an A); but I'm trying to figure it out for my Bb.

Thanks! Scott

Re: Boozoo "Keep yer dress tail down"

I don't know the notes off hand - I would have to check. This is a song I messed around with a long time ago.

I am afraid I have to disagree with your friends suggestion that these are just some random notes that Boozoo threw in while swatting a mosquito. I have an older studio recording of Boozoo playing the same song, and he plays it the same way. I suppose he might have been swatting mosquitos both times.


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