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Frank Savoy

Earlier discussing Southern Comfort, I got to thinking about a guy playing with Dewey Balfa and Mark Savoy, I believe he was singing and playing the triangle, and I believe his name was Frank Savoy. Does anyone know who he is? I havent heard of him anywhere else.

Bryan Lafleur

Re: Frank Savoy

Yeah, I've never seen or heard of Frank Savoy outside of the Southern Comfort movie. He looks a little like Don Walser, especially with that Texas-sized 10 gallon hat. I tell you what, he really makes that whole boucherie scene. The cut-aways from Frank grinning and bellering at the dance to Spencer perforating that hunter with the bayonet is genius. Talk about twisted paradigms.

Surreally yours,


Re: Frank Savoy

A vocalist on Marc Savoy, Oh What a Night. Appears to be out of print but maybe available on cassette.

Re: Re: Frank Savoy

If you ever get a chance to go to Down Home Music, the Arhoolie store, check out the back "vinyl" room.

They have out of print records (most new) like "Oh what a night", for really good prices.

No you cannot order these on line, you gotta go there and get 'em.


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