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Re: Softshell accordion case / gigbag

PEAVEY. That's what I bought from Savoy Music Center when I picked up my box. That's supposedly what they use when traveling to carry their accordion's on the plane.

Re: Re: Softshell accordion case / gigbag + traveling tips

Soft sided:
Good as carry on, but don't run the risk by checking it as baggage.

I usually travel with 2 accordions when it is a music related trip as carry on (I never check through baggage).

I wonder if anyone has sustained any damages to an accordion with airlines?

Anyone ever lose an accordion or get delayed with lost baggage and accordion? How about a wallet ?

Here is a true one, talking Travel on airlines:

I took Jesse Lege' to the airport for a return flight a couple yrs back. When I picked him up (week earlier) we stopped and had lunch before going to the house. He said lemme pay for lunch and he reached for his wallet, it was not there... oops. I floated him enough (plus gig pay) to do what he wanted, cash wise he was fine.... but that was just the start.

He was denied by security (on the return)because he lost his wallet out of Houston (left it on the plane in the seat somehow) on the originating portion of the trip a week earlier. He (strong accent) had explained everything (tried to) to the airlines and security people, but it was at the height of post 911 security measures on air travel. Was not good enough, he needed proof of things and had none. Missed the flight (would not let him on period) and was delayed 2 days getting out. After calling and speaking with district assemblymen, airlines, local chief of police and chief of airport security we managed some type of hope. Oh it was a good visit and all (another couple days), but what a pain on the traveling thing.

Now the odd funny part of this foo pah was that the first security guy (that denied him at the security check) was a strong accented Hindu guy and then there was Jesse with that strong Cajun French accent, talk about some tongue wagging and haggling going on... Here's Jesse saying I don't tink I unndrastan what ya talkin bout an why I cant get on dat **** plane ting an get outa dis town, I gotta go.

Then ya got that security guy saying.. My friend, I dont undra-stand jore accschent, what do you want to shay? You can not go, you dwill not go.

Whew Nelly! Pack well and don't lose your wallet.

Re: Re: Softshell accordion case / gigbag

I've been using the Peavey bag for a couple years now, and its held up pretty good. Lots of pockets. (Reminds me when someone asked John Hartford why he wore two vests - "More pockets"). Perfect fit for an accordion even though that's not what they designed it for. I'd be hesitant to take it on a plane. As carry on, might not fit in some overheads or under the seat.

Re: Softshell accordion case / gigbag

I bought one from Larry Miller in Iaota for $35. It is the smallest softbag that I've seen in size. It does an okay job but the padding is only about 1 inch think. It's okay to carry around including on the airplane, but I would definitely NOT check it in with my luggage. I really like the Peavy available at Savoy, which I believe is $75.

Re: Softshell accordion case / gigbag

My PEAVEY bag cost 75 dollars about a year ago from Savoy's. It's a great bag. Marc also has so nice padded accordion straps for 15 dollars.

Inexpensive softshell cases

If money IS an object and you are looking for a soft case and don't want to pay $75.

Go to your local Wallgrees, Rite-aid, Piggy-wiggly, and look at the soft side ice chests. They have some very nice ones ranging from $5-15

I have been traveling everywhere, Carry-on etc with a $9.99 version that is finally wearing out after 10 years!

Be sure to bring your accordion in the store to "fit" it. (Don't worry about the funny looks :)

Everyone knows they don't sell accordions at Rite-Aid!

Good luck,

P.S. Added bonus, it keeps your accordion cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Re: Inexpensive softshell cases

At some Wal-Marts you may find some soft coolers by Ozark Trail with an extending handle and wheels plus pockets for mic cords straps etc. Approx $35. Perfect for traveling. Use um myself!!.

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