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Roland Ledet goes to the Dentist

So here I was eating chineese the other evening (orange chicken) and boop... I broke a dad blame tooth! Feels like the grand canyon gaping and jagging on that stinking molar.

Called the dentist up at his house (reluctantly) and explained it all, including my dread of sitting in that "we gottcha where we want ya type chair" and hearing that buzz grinding, and slurpping sucking sound. I'd rather be in hades with a broke back than endure that dentist chair. I've always pictured it like some type of alien abduction examination sorta thing, sorta spooky to me.

Meanwhile: Ms Linda says stop all that whinning business, and, just take your head phones. Head Phones? What's that gonna do for me?
She tells me I can take the head phones and put on a cd and drown out that gawd awful grinding slurpy sound. Now.. That in itself is one reason why I am proud to be hitched to that gal!

So Roland (if you are reading)and his girls, Jude and Ed, you folks are going to that dentist with me ... La Valse de Pecaniere... crank it up and letter rip doc. ...got any pralines ?

Nonc D
P.S. Roland... Best to you my friend

The Dentist's motto

Drill em
Fill em
bill em!

Re: The Dentist's 'other' motto

Be true to your teeth;
or they will be false to you.


Re: Roland Ledet goes to the Dentist

Thanks for the flowers Nonc, and I hope you don't have to suffer too long . I've been thinking about you. we'll talk soon.

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