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Re: My wedding march video on YOUTUBE

Sounds a lot better than my playing. Nice part is the closeness of the web cam where a beginner can see all movements of the fingers and bellows at the same time. Something really missing on other videos.

Re: My wedding march video on YOUTUBE

Hey Chad,
Were you at the Balfa Camp? We can't see your face on the cam, but I think I recognize your box. If so, you were at the jam session that night a Nic's cabin.
I wasn't aware of the MyTube site. When I have a moment, I might open an account there and post a few interesting clips that I captured at Balfa Camp. These are only 30-60 seconds clips, but some are quite magic moments.

Re: Re: My wedding march video on YOUTUBE

Thanks for posting the clip, hope other will as well. Anybody know how to save a clip from that site? Tried a bunch of stuff, but I can only get it to stream.

Re: Re: Re: My wedding march video on YOUTUBE

yw steve...nah i dont think you can save clips from the site...they are just streamers.

maz..i didnt go to balfa camp..but i'd sure like to see your videos from there.

Re: Re: Re: Re: My wedding march video on YOUTUBE

Try e-mailing it to yourself. Other than that, the only other way would be to record it on a camcorder, plug into your PC and burn onto a CD.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My wedding march video on YOUTUBE

If you want to upload videos that others can download, try using VIMEO.COM. It's free but subscribers can only upload a max of 30.00 MB per week. You CAN NOT upload someone elses videos or something taken from the web though.

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