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Savoy Music Center

Hey Y'all,

I popped a reed on my C box, and it looks like it needs a re-tuning ASAP (probably due to Balfa Camp).

Anyway, does anyone know if there's another mailing address for the Savoy Music Center? I'd prefer not to send the accordion to the store's PO Box address. Don't know if it makes a difference either way.

If anyone has info -- they're closed today -- I'd appreciate it.


Nick B

Re: Savoy Music Center

Nick, the physical address is:

Savoy Music Center
4413 Highway 190
Eunice, La 70535

I have been there when trucks made deliveries of amps and such. You can call Tuesday to confirm the physical address is you like. Good Luck.

Re: Re: Savoy Music Center


Thanks for the info. I just mailed via UPS. It was an extra $20 to insure the thing, but...ya gotta do it.

Can't wait to have it up and running again. I've been playing my old Regal German box and it's like screwing around with a toy.


Nick B

Re: Re: Re: Savoy Music Center

Nick, that must have been caused by your wild version of Flammes d'Enfer at 4:00 a.m.

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