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plus things you don't want to hear

1. (drummer speaking) Something's wrong with the click track.
2. In a minute, I just ordered dinner.
3. Anybody got a tuner?
4. Your accordion's safe. I put it in the trunk.
5. I'll be a little late, do the sound check without me.
6. I have to leave my cell phone on.

Re: Band Rules

Also some good rules: when viewing the new sound equipment you dont want to see the words "Radio Shack" more than once....
NO..your drunk Nonc T cannot sit in on my drums...

The book meister re: Band Rules - how about from a promoters perspective

A pretty good list of rules, yep.
Each band should have them, and, they go over them now and then as a review. It is good business.

What about gigging at a festival?
There are some rules that change pretty much, and, that could add to band info. Such as:

1. be kind to the sound man (he works for the promoter) if the event is engineered, he is my ears and eyes and my go to for such matters as critique and band reaction with the crowd (and much more).
2. clean up your mess on the stage for the next band
3. keep your gig free from profanity and off color jokes
4. take em up and bring em down (especially in an outdoor daytime warm environment)don't kill the dancers
5. Use the mic at some point to thank the sponsors (if there is no MC) and summons security when needed.

6. Have fun (an audience feeds off of a band that has fun). Fun does not need to be offensive
7. Beer, booze or wine to be in non-distinguishable plastic cups (it sets a good image).... get real sloppy and the engineer pulls the plug and runs a cd.
8. Single point of contact (usually the band leader). This person is responsible for the band or any one member of the band.
Although in a social aspect, I always enjoyed every band member as part of the musical family (I usually had no less than 20 bands covering a 3 day festival)that can include many many musicians engineers and others.
9. never rub a sponsor... if there is some problem let the promoter do his/her thing on the judgement.
Point: I once tossed the Hard Rock Cafe (sponsor) from an event, handed my knife up to Ed Poullard and and told him to cut their bannor and advertising from my number one stage. The young corporate hard body they sent got higly igindignent and very rude to the band (my premier band) and to my engineer, then started in on me... see ya, bye bye baby, your toast! She packed it up and hit the road after I made a decission, and we continued with the event and had a dandy time. Now this sounds pretty outlandish (perhaps), but this was a first for this particular sponsor and they were not considered any high dollar pony (leastwise to me), not like my Budweiser and Southwest Airlines folks and others (as sponsors) that were always great folks. Right is right and wrong is wrong and doo doo happens. that's why it's best to have # 10.

10. Always have a "plan B" for the unexpected no matter if it a blown tube in your fender amp, or oops I forgot the cords and extra strings.

Side musicians, frontmen and first rate pro bands usually always seemed to not need many rules explained (the pros seem to be pretty on top of quality among themselves as part of the seasoned musician/traveler).

Nonc D

Re: The book meister re: Band Rules - how about from a promoters perspective

Right on, Uncle D! Encore!


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