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Anyone have Ann's Balfa Week lyrics?

Hi Braves,

Of course .. after traveling around 3,000 miles
to LA & back, I misplace the lyrics that Ann
Savoy had distributed in her Balfa Heritage class.

Tunes were: Choupique, Rino Waltz, (& a 3rd tune
who's name I don't remember).

Are there any Braves out there that had attended
and may have the lyrics?

The lyrics that I can locate for these tunes do
not agree (of course) with the version that Ann

Merci beaucoup!


Re: Anyone have Ann's Balfa Week lyrics?

Nick, the 3rd tune that was taught at Balfa Camp was "Cher ici, Cher la-bas".
I don't have the lyrics. I missed Ann's workshop.

chere ici chere la bas

Dont know how close they would be to Ann's version, but these are the lyrics to Canray Fontenot and Bois Sec's version, or at least very close.

Chere ici, chere la bas
mais ouais, que moi j'm'en va
Moi j'm'en va, chere ici
Mais ouais mon coeur fait mal.

Garde ici, garde la bas
tite fille tu m'fait d'la peine
Moi j'connais, chere bebe
Mais ouais, y a pas juste toi

Hope it helps

Re: chere ici chere la bas

Thanks Bryan!


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