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Rayne One-Step

Would anybody know who wrote "Rayne One-Step" or is it a public domain traditional

Re: Rayne One-Step

Who does it?

In my experience, just give it another name and a few different lyrics and they copyright it for the life of the author then 75 years, then renew it another 75 years.

Never mind they don't know who the author is.

I am partly kidding, but that's closer to the truth than I like. Are you talking about Paul Daigle? Which album tape or cd?

Do you mean the Rayne Bounce "by" Adam Hebert? That one is locked up by copyright til jubilation.

Re: Re: Rayne One-Step

only know the version played by Paul Daigle on the J'ai Ete Au Bal documentary. All instrumental.

Re: Re: Rayne One-Step

Did you try (I'm sure you did) the BMI or ASCAP files?

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