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Re: Re: Am selling triple row GCF Corona IIIR

Some of the older players used a two reed Corona.. Boozoo played a Corona and an Erica.. Ambrose Sam played a 2.5 row Hohner Club model ( in one video I saw of him at least ).. I may be wrong.

Queen Ida.. probably plays the Corona II because it is light...and more manageable for her stature.. ??

Al Rapone plays a Corona II, Big Hat Filds plays a Corona II, and Terrance Simien plays a Corona II..

Most zydeco players and listeners want to hear a three or four reed box.. two reed is for tex mex ( tejano and conjunto ) ? But modern Norteno prefers 3 to 4 reed boxes.. ( Ramon Ayala style )...


Re: Re: Re: Am selling triple row GCF Corona IIIR


Do you think if you play a Corona II but pump up the bass ( low ) setting on the PA mixer channel you could make them sound more Zydeco ' growly '.?

And what is Terrance doing with that cover ' thing' over the face plate of his Corona II..presume it's some tailor made mic pick up??..refer photos in link below.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Am selling triple row GCF Corona IIIR

Can you check that address again for Terrance. Can't seem to get through to it.

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You can access a LOT of Cajun and Zydeco musicians data thru the Home Page link



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