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Re: Steve Riley's Instr. DVD

I've starting to watch the DVD a couple days ago as well. Since I scratched my disk at Balfa Camp (I also had the wrong CD with Horace's film,in the case and was given another unprotected CD in the tent...), I couldn't watch it on my regular DVD player, but it works well on the computer. I couldn't agree more with your comments. The movie is very intimate, generous with a dose of humour, and technically very well executed (Wilson's strong technical abilities at best).
It's gonna be a nice challenge to assimilate these songs with Steve's style, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm planning on doing Waxia and Jolie Blonde first.




Two discoveries made Waxia easier for me to learn.

It's hard to describe .. but I'll try ..

He starts with the "first figure" in the
first bar .. pretty easy.

When he jumps up to the second figure in the second
bar he makes a few moves downward from his
second position.

What makes this move smooth is that technique
of not moving both index & pinky for that downward
jump, but the just index finger first, followed by
the pinky.

My second discovery is that the B-Part is much
easier to play if one bounces the octaves rather
than hammering the first few notes with one's
index finger. Much smoother for me.

Clear as mud? Maybe I can post a clip to illustrate
my discoveries! :-)


Re: Steve Riley's Instr. DVD

I watched the preview on the Almena Pictures website a few times and have been able to get the song down, only part I had a little trouble with was the turn in F, it's a little tricky but happy to say I've got it now. Cool song though !

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