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Special addition on Steve Riley's Dominoes CD - short film on the other side

Have you guys looked at Steve's Riley's latest CD Dominoes?
You turn the CD upside down in your CD driver, and there is a special DVD/documentary film that portraits the Mamou Playboys, their philosophy, and the making of "Marie-Mourri", a song based on a poem written by a slave in LA in the 1800s. David Greely composed the music and made the arrangement for this unusual and delightful song. Pretty cool.

Dominoes Out-takes


Yeah, Dominoes rules!

I think they *really* did a nice job composing their
original tunes on that CD!

And the assemblage of tunes on the CD is done
well too ..
almost like movements in a classical piece.

Did you notice the 'zany-outtakes' at the end of the
last cut?

I believe that the first clip is Steve singing "J'ai
Passé" at the age of 5, followed by an acapella
studio out-take of Steve’s vocal that quickly
disintegrates into a self-mocking little do-wop
ditty thing.

Pert 'n near funny, I'd say!


Re: Dominoes Out-takes

I haven't noticed that. I've only listened to the CD a couple of times while doing something else. I'll check it out next time.

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