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Re: Isleton - Don't waste your time , the've gone wacky , No French Music

Hey Bruce,
Well that thing turned into some type of political hot box that is running a kiddie land make shift thing and back to the grunge and off the wall music.

January, I had the contract ... two weeks later I get a call and they decided to not pursue having me do the entertainment because they did not want to have any musicians from out of state, or rather from Louisiana as they stated.

I could have filed an action for breach, but I figured the less I had to do with the fools the better I would be. They wanted me to do the festival without Cajun/Creole French music, but I told them I would not compromise the quality or my specialty, the fact that I run authentic with the inclussion of out of state musicians. Gone are the days of 150,000 people attending, it went into the RED last summer because of the politics. It will go into the RED again because of that mess... I did not do it last summer for the same reasons.

I would encourage everyone to not waste any time with Isleton Crawdad Festival (my opinion), not till they come to grips with public interest for what this event was designed to be about... ya see they still boast being sister cities with Breaux Bridge... yet they don't want any French music. Go figure.

Nonc Dave

Re: Re: Isleton - Don't waste your time , the've gone wacky , No French Music

Thanks for the heads up. After attending the crawfish festival
by myself, I was planning on taking the family to
Isleton this year (easier and cheaper, since I live
in Washington State). I just emailed them and told
them I was not attending if they didn't have cajun
music...for what it is worth.

Local Cajun/Zydeco Bands

The C/Z schedule shows the following local Cajun/Zydeco bands playing at the Isleton festival this year, has that been changed?

Mark St. Mary

Andre Thierry and Zydeco Magic

Blues Box Bayou

Tom Rigney and Flambeau

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