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Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

I'm shopping... Wondering about life in Natchitoches.

Ms. Linda and I have some travel vouchers to exhaust by yr. end... so we will be traveling and hunting for our future home site.

Wanting a small patch that I can build a Victorian on.

Somewhere that the dogs can do their dog thing and within four or five hrs. of Ft. Worth Tx.

Any Ideas?
Talk To Me....

Nonc D [:)

Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

My father’s family is from there, so I spent quite a few summers out there as a kid. Don't expect too much as far as extra curricular activities go. The city has gotten a little bigger in recent years but it’s still very much a town that probably wouldn't be around if it wasn’t for the college (NSU Demons). It's about an hour away from the next somewhat bigger town, Alexandria, which is about another hour from Lafayette. They have a few small festivals throughout the year with the biggest being the Christmas lights on Cane River, and the second one being the folk festival. Depending on where you want to get property you'll definitely have a lot of room for the dogs to do their own thing. Just gotta learn to deal with the occasional snake, pain in the ass flea’s and the random wild animal that ventures out of the surrounding woods. I think the hardest thing to deal with is the sweltering summer heat that even makes me run inside, and I'm a native New Orleanian I had a lot of fun up there during the summer but after a while I’d get start to get bored. But then again, I didn’t play music at the time so I didn’t have that to keep me busy. Hope some of this helps.


Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

I spent just a couple of hours there (my Jersey-born father-in-law played football for NSU in the late 50's and wanted to take a peek). Definately some historic charm in some sections...can't say about how much there is to do. Natchitoches has some old French and Spanish heritage (read that book: Cane River)...not so many Cajun folks that I know of.

My mom-in-law grew up in Colfax, and her sister and brother-in-law live in Alexandria. Alexandria didn't excite me too much: at least one decent BBQ place (but then Angelo's and Rail Head in Ft. Worth are better).

When my wife told the owner of the Cajun craft shop in St. Martinville that her mom was from up near Alexandria, the lady said "we consider anybody from north of I-10 to be a Yankee". My wife said that her mom would be happy to come over and set her straight on that point!

Louisiana natives will certainly have more accurate and interesting things to say, but I just thought I'd jump into your fantasy for a moment.

Less than 3 hours from Eunice and less than 5 hours from Ft. Worth: can't be too bad


Nonc- you probably already checked this out, but just in case you don't know about the meat pie festival...hit the link above.

Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

Nice little town, I used to drive though it all the time on the way to my deer camp. It's about an hour to two hours away from anything remotely Cajun but if that and lots of pine trees don't bother you, it's a nice quiet little college town. Just don't expect much excitement.

If you want to see glimpses of the town watch the movie Steel Magnolias. It's a chick flick, but it was filmed in Natchitoches. In fact a guy a used to work with is from there and one of the characters in the movie, the ornary old lady, is based on his mom.

Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

Very historic small town right on I49 about an hour south of Shreveport, I drive through it every time I go back home. If I am not mistaken, I believe it is the oldest settlement in Louisiana. About 4 hours from Dallas. Very pretty place, probably quite a few existing Victorians available if you are into old.

Re: Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

Thanks Brian (and others).
We have contacted the realators in the area to work up
some properties (land/lots) for us to see... we will fly to the big D in Oct and drive over to ck. em out.
Wanna tie up the land parcel as the first phase.

Plan to build ... our youngest is a master carp. (and more) both commercial and res. so he is up to building his momma what ever she wants including the tudor guest house in back for him and his hound dogs (Boudin and Graton hee hee)which we have adopted since he is all over the country though based out of Dallas.

You're right about the existing Vic's as there seems to be a gob of B&B's in that town. ahhhh nice porches for squeezing, That's the thing about victorians for what I'm talk'n about.

Another life change (perhaps) in a world of evolving ideals, sometimes it means going home in some odd way with no fear...as long as it is closer to family, and, it is.

Nonc D

Re: Re: Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

...and if ya find yo'self with some lagniappe idle time in da Big D, let me know Nonc. I'll meet'cha for a shake and a squeeze! Yuh got a fan here! (Might as well catch me here before I move off to Lake Charles at some point down da road!)

Yer accordion in arms,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

If you do, let me know, I'll come be the audience/beer fetcher.

Forgot to mention, Natchitoches is about 2 1/2 hours from my usual destination just au norde de Mamou.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

You're in the loop, mon ami de Texas!
What a riotous triumvirate we would be!


Re: Re: Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

You know there's always the deep shady veranda all around, high ceilings, and 2-foot thick walls of bousillage to consider...


I've heard of walls with ears..... Hair? Yep, could happen


That's interesting about that bousillage insulation thing.

I recall going to the barbershop in my Pops home town when I was a boy (young smart eleky teen type that I was). This old barber was pushing about 95 on the life meter and was still clipping hair! Same barber all those years from when Pop was kid. Naturally, Pop got a hair cut from him, with me watching every move of that barbers hand (never saw anyone that old cut hair). That hand wabbled like he was in a siesmic San Francisco earth quake; some old timer palsy type'a thing that could put a dandy vibrato on and accordion (if he played that is).

When it came time to lather Pop up and trim around the ears with a straight razor... I sat there and wondered how in gods earth, I was gonna explain my dad having no ears.

Bottom line: That old barber (so he said), had swept up hair all those years and filled his walls with it as insulation. A lice could think he died and went to heaven if he ever got in that mess.

So Anyhow: Pop got nicked a good one by that Barber... When he was done, he asked if I wanted to jump up in the chair and get trimmed up... There was'nt time for that man to ask me twice! I found the coming and going door to that joint faster than you know who could get the news... Back at the car, Pop says 'what the heck got hold of you son' "Well, your old and tough Pop, and I am young and tender, I figured if that old shakey barber could cut through your hide, I would'nt stand a chance getting out'a there without some kind'a major damage!"
We laughed a good one and went bass fishing in Sager creek the rest of the day... No scars on me from that true episode.

Hair and mud... insulation.. hummmm I suppose.

Nonc D

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