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has anyone heard the band static yet? What does everyone think of the idea of putting the accordian in with other types of music? I dont mean zydeco or cajun just throw that out the box for now on this subject. I mean like heavy metal or rock......Thats what I'm talking about. I heard thats what static does. THey have an accordian player I forgot his name. But they said they mix the accordian with other types of music. Just wondering what everyones opinion on it is and there take on it. Does anyone ever think that it would get popular that way with the accordian?

Re: static

Los Lobos often includes accordion as part of the band sound; Subdudes sometimes us it as the lead instrument; Oyster Band out of Wales really rocks out on the accordion with strong Celtic underpinnings...

Accordion shows up as a backing instrument on a zillion Nashville recordings, and Bruce Springsteen's "Seeger Sessions" group has an accordion on the road now. I'd say there's nothing really stopping somebody from using an accordion in as a lead instrument in all kinds of music, especially with a 3-row or piano accordion where you've got more flexibility on keys and chords.

The commercial success of such a venture is, or course, highly speculative...

Re: static

Far as I know, the accordion is still Eustace Ledet, son of Roland Ledet. Roland participates on this board from time to time. Eustace is a great player.

Re: Re: static

no i heard it is someone else now no longer rolands sun

Re: static

The drummer for Static is Bill Ney. I know him. His nephew is now the accordion player. I'll find out his name and get back to you. We're playing June 2nd if you're interested

Re: Re: static

Bill's nephew is Garret "Possum" Judice.

Re: static

Das him...thanks Ganey

Re: Re: static

Been knowing Possum since he was about four years old pulling on a little blue Chinese box. He is a monster player and seems completely in his element with that genre.

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