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Horrible news, Ray Nagin has won election as Mayor of New Orleans for another 4 years. He appears in numerous passages in the recent book, THE GREAT DELUGE which is about hurricane katrina. When asked by the books author why didnt Mayor Nagin go to the Superdome to reassure people things would be okay, Nagins response was, I DIDN'T HAVE A MEGAPHONE. Huh? When asked why Nagin left the 9 story city hall building and set up a command post in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Nagin said, A SECURITY GUARD TOLD ME THAT CITY HALL WOULD SWAY IN THE HURRICANES WINDS. Huh? GOD help the citizen's of New Orleans. On Live TV last Night, Mr. Nagin told a reporter that he had a degree in HURRICANEOLOGY and was ready for hurricane season 2006. I swear I am not making this stuff up. Anyone going to the Tim Mcgraw, Faith HIll concert at the new orleans arena on July 5th? Can't wait to hear the sounds of cajun music drifting thru the quarter.

L. gov. Landrieu gave Nagin his graces

I guess I'll take the bait. But it's best to avoid the discussion of politics in this forum. Please forgive my post.

I watched Landrieu as he graciously gave Nagin a warm concession. Very impressive. He'll rum for gov.

How about impeach Bush? He was totally out of touch for days and was totally briefed beforehand. I saw the video.

The big easy voters have sent the message. Nagins in.
K jones


you cant help people who dont want to help thierselves.


The people will have the government they deserve.

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