Welcome to old and new friends who are interested in discussing Cajun and other diatonic accordions, along with some occasional lagniappe....



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Me too...

Only interested in one made by Marc Savoy. I have a clean Bb Martin for trade too...

Pix of Martin Bb?

Tommy.. can you send pics of your Martin ?? thanks.. G.

Re: Pix of Martin Bb?

I have a digital camera, my own site for the English school (remember the CADP? That's what it morphed into)and a really fast computer. So I should be able to figure out how to do this. I'm only interested in Acadian brand accordions...

Re: Me too...

I have a clean(like new) Martin C for trade. Interested in trading for the Bb?

Re: Re: Me too...

I do have an Acadian in D.. mint condition.. and a Falcon in C.. .. I am thinking of selling the second since I have two C boxes..

The Falcon is literally new..


Re: Re: Re: Me too...


Are you considering selling the D Acadian?

Playing Irish

Re: Re: Re: Re: Me too...

Hi.. If I find a D box of equal condition ( Martin, Falcon, or Acadian ) I will sell, but is my only D box for the moment.. so will hang on to it. If I do put it up for sale I'll post it here first..


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