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Re: Calling Big Nick on your internet free lessons

Hello, Maz - Acadien du Nord!

And thanks for the kind words!

It's always good to know that the
WEB page is helpful to someone

Yep, Lacassine is on there and it includes
tablature, midi, sheet music and I think that
the tablature is even embedded in the video

To see the video clips, be sure to click on
the icon that looks like a TV set.

The audio links just have a little red speaker icon.

Here's the link, just to be sure that you're looking
in the correct place.


If I get some time, I'll try to put a couple more
tunes up there.

I may try putting some tunes on Ganey's site too.

I was considering breaking down a few bars of
Steve' Waxia since there has been some interest on
this board ..

Keep squeezin'!

--Big [8-]]

Re: Re: Calling Big Nick on your internet free lessons


Your web site is very helpful as you break the tune down into
phrases and show how to put it together. Its one of the best.
......... Ed

Re: Re: Calling Big Nick on your internet free lessons

Always appreciated the time and effort you put into you net lessons. In fact, put them on a DVD to un-tether me from a connection. Probably should ask Ganey this, but which site are you talking about, Bayoustuff?

Re: Re: Calling Big Nick on your internet free lessons

Yes, Lacassine is there of course. I meant Jolie Blonde.
Thanks again.

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