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Belle De Marie

Someone emailed me an MP3 file of an elderly man singing a song in which he repeats "Belle De Marie", it has the same melody as Steve Riley's "Blues de Soulard", I'm looking for the song title and English translation. Anyone out there who could help with this one?

Re: Belle De Marie

Are you certain it's not Jesse Lege singing?

Re: Re: Belle De Marie

Oh no, this is a recording of an old man about 30 years ago singing acapella.

Re: Belle De Marie

You can e-mail to me and I will give it a crack.

Strange, though, because the song you mention by Riley is the same song by Louis Cormier in the 1960s, and it's a Cajun version of an old Jimmie Rodgers tune Gamblers Barroom Blues. So whatever lyrics your old man is singing sounds different from both of those.

Re: Re: Belle De Marie

Man I just came across that Louis Cormier version a few weeks ago and have just about worn it out.

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