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Re: Dino Baffetti


You are right about the Saltarelle quality.. it is becoming a preferred brand amongst some confirmed pro Irish and Celtic players.

The Guzman and other pro's playing Baffetti Tex Mex have handmade reeds, usually custom tuned to player preference, and the button level is adjusted to preferred height and action, along with custom engraving. Otherwise, same as off the shelf boxes. ( correct me Karlos if wrong ).

The merit of the Baffetti remains its ration of high quality at a reasonable price.

There are more expensive brands ( ones which under the grille are meticulously built in terms of materials and workmanship, and tuning..such as the Beltrami who Karlos represents ).. but only differences in inventoried units is in the reeds, action, tuning and engraving..which can be accomodated by special order.

my 2 cents. G.

Re: Re: Dino Baffetti

Saltarelle was originally a product of a meeting of the minds between Mairtin O'Connor, Bertrand, one guy I can't remember and the current owner/operator of Saltarelle... they parted company as do most "good " partnerships... this was around 1980 something..

Saltarelles have been the box of choice for at least 15 years.. until Cairdin, Verde, Kincarra and Bertrand ,Brigss ( if you have $8000 for a 2 row) and other boutique brands came on the scene..

In the last few years Castagnari has come on with some flat keyboard 2 rows but yet have not made a dent..

Other Brands such as Borelli actually made by Mengascini are favored for light weight and speed..

Baffetti is the choice for a loud 2 row especially in D/G for the Morris....

Re: Re: Re: Dino Baffetti

... Beltrami is on good terms with Nello Menghescini.. they are both top notch builders..and Betrami does custom tuning for Castagnari, Baffetti, and most likey for Nello.

... Beltrami is in Stradella ( the second city for accordion production in Italy.. which has dwindled to only a couple makes.. mostly jobbed to Castelfidardo )..

... The TUNING tradition in Stradella is quite famous... They have a different technique and do more shades of tuning.. and .. are best known for being able to tune to keep volume very balanced , even on the higher notes, where on diatonics you can lose volume...


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