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De-Clubbing the Club

Does anyone have experience with de-clubbing a Hohner club pattern accordion, to make it a traditional pattern? Doesn't seem like a huge deal, change some reeds in the middle of the pattern, but maybe I'm missing something. I know it gets done, and since I've ended up with four of the things...including two Preciosas, which are, of course, precious...and I don't want to confuse my playing more than it is...changing it makes sense.

Glen, I'm sure you've done this.

De-Clubbing the Club - it can be done!

I don't know a lot about the details, but it can and has been done. I think you are right that it is not a big deal.


Re: De-Clubbing the Club - it can be done!

isn't it just one button?

Re: Re: De-Clubbing the Club - it can be done!

Yes, there is one button that plays the same note on the push and the pull. I think it is the one in the center of either the inner row or the middle row. All you do is retune that one button.

i think that is an 'extra' button

i think that is an 'extra' button

so you take it out and move all the other ones
down one, and you have one blank one at the top


Re: De-Clubbing the Club

This might help. Then again, maybe not. Perhaps somewhere else on this site.

Re: Re: De-Clubbing the Club

Yes, it does help - I remember now that I look at that chart.

On the middle row, there is a note that plays C on both the push and the pull. All you have to do to de-club it is to change the C on the pull to a D. That's all it takes.


Re: Re: Re: De-Clubbing the Club

Glad it helped. I figured it would, but it confused me.

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