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Syncopated Loop Player

If you play a lot by yourself and do not have an electronic drum machine, then you may find Link#1 above as a help. Click on the:

"Flash metronome looper with syncopated shuffle drum loop"

( the old man playing clawhammer banjo) This loop only has the drums
on it.

Hope that you enjoy it.... Ed

Re: Syncopated Loop Player

Nice to have, but even 80 bpm seemed a bit fast for most of the shuffles I do.

Re: Re: Syncopated Loop Player

Sorry about that. I'll see if there's a way to slow it down. I think the problem may be that its in 2/4 time and we play more in 4/4..... Ed

Re: Re: Re: Syncopated Loop Player

Don't worry about it. I could slow it down if I needed to.

Re: Syncopated Loop Player

I don`t know what it is, but evey time i try to play along with a metronome the darn thing starts beating off time......


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