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Interesting Songs in C?

Just wondering what other "interesting" songs in C there are. By interesting, I do not mean plodding up and down the octave scale, like in High Point.

Mon Vieux Wagon is interesting.
Ossun is interesting.

I don't play these two yet, but:
Tit Galop is interesting.
Octa's Two Step is interesting.

In part, I'm talking stuff that does fancy C fingerwork more in that G position.

Which others? I'm needing to add more C songs to my repertoire, but stuff like High Point just bores the bejeezus out of me.

Re: Interesting Songs in C?

my true love


Re: Re: Interesting Songs in C?

Yup. That might be one. I like Geno's version.

Re: Re: Interesting Songs in C?

What a crooked little song. :-)

Re: Re: Re: Interesting Songs in C?

everybody plays it crooked differently too

Re: Re: Interesting Songs in C?

I love that song. Hadley Fontentot's version on the yellow album in entrancing

I got the basic tune down, but cannot even come close to the sounds he gets on that box. I wish I new how he does that one.


Re: Re: Re: Interesting Songs in C?

you probably mean on the single row
but there are a bunch of them in c played
on the f and bflat row of a f/bflat/eflat
triple row
all zydeco


Re: Re: Re: Re: Interesting Songs in C?

The accordian two step, Pine grove stomp, straw cove two step, when i was poor, chameaux one step or aka the lake charles two step, OST special, hey mom, jongle a moi. Just to name a few

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