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Basile Waltz/Tee Maurice

Nick, if you know Harry's Basile Waltz, compare it with Valse a 'Tit Maurice! Aldus did it ('Tit Maurice). Terry Clement did it first. Check my Web site for Clement Brothers' version.

Re: Basile Waltz/Tee Maurice


Thanks for the info! I'm headed right over to listen :-)


article on Harry Choates

About Harry Choates, there is a bio about him in "Accordions, Fiddles, Two-Steps, and Swing" by Ryan Brasseaux and Kevin Fontenot (editors). This book highlights the careers of many Cajun musicians and as Big Nick mentioned, Harry Choates lived hard and died young...too bad because he was such a talent. Harry Choates is cited by Hadley Castille (and others) as being a huge influence. If you get the chance, ask Mr. Hadley about Harry Choates because I think that he has some good stories about him.

Rob K.

Found the article on Harry Choates!

Hello Rob,

Ah yes .. now that my copy of Accordions, Fiddles, Two
Step & swing has arrived, I too can read more about
Harry Choates :-)

Glad you suggested the book! Merci!


Re: How does one pronounce Harry Choates name?

The name seems to have been pronounced as follows,

Shoates which woud ryme with goats. No offence meant.

In french Shoat would ryme with ought like in he oughta.

Re: Re: How does one pronounce Harry Choates name?

Thank you :-)

Re: Re: Re: How does one pronounce Harry Choates name?

I wasn't aware of an English word "shoat." I meant oat with sh in front. Choate rhymes with goat.

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