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How do you post pics on this forum?

Was curious if anyone knows how to post pics on this forum....haven't been able to figure it out.

Re: How do you post pics on this forum?


I think Dana Mandell showed me this:

First, you need to have your image residing

Mine is sitting on my "Bignick" server page.

(I am posting the link within quotations,
otherwise you cannot see the html text, and the
image will appear.)

"IMG SRC="http://www.bignick.net/gifs/tour.gif""

You'd need to replace the left most quote with a left
pointing bracket < , and the the right most quote
with a right facing bracket > for the image to appear.

In this example, you should see a "gif" image that
says: "Tour Dates".

You can test this with the "Preview Message" key
so that you do not have to keep reposting until you
get it right


Re: Re: How do you post pics on this forum?

Here's another example,

Buy right clicking on the image at the top of the
page, you can get its URL:


And, by adding the IMG SRC= prefix and the pointy
brackets, here's what you get ..

Re: Re: Re: How do you post pics on this forum?

Thanks a bunch, I will test it out and post some pics of my new accordion. In the future I would like to post pics showing how to repair, and improve various things on accordions.

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