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Evo Bluestein DVD

This dvd has a little bit of 2 row instruction on it, along with the single row. Wonder if anyone has watched it and can give a review.

Re: Evo Bluestein DVD

That's the first one I got, before I found Dirk's. It's not bad. I'll go in the "Archives" and see if I can find it.


Re: Re: Evo Bluestein DVD

Evo knows his stuff..but it is basically a vid of watching him play.. useful if your eyes are good at picking out patterns and if you know and like the songs.

I think he plays a CF two row on the zydeco..does some one row too.

Nice effort, worth your curiosity,but only as valuable as you are willing to spend the time.

I find Dirk's and Corey's and Wilson's of more use didactically.

But.. hats off to Evo.. he was the first to video zydeco for learning purposes.


Re: Re: Re: Evo Bluestein DVD

Well, I ordered it. We'll see.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Evo Bluestein DVD

Well, I jumped directly to the two row section, and tried "Zydeco Sont Pas Sale". To tell the truth, it was sort of unrecognizable, or maybe I was just comparing it to the wrong version of the song. I started thinking I'd unload it on eBay, but went through the other songs and found a couple I could use. I at least got a beginning to Bosco Stomp off of it.

I'll probably still sell it on eBay, after I get what I need out of it.

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