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Re: Re: Re: Re: I am considering getting a Bm..

can you post or email some pictures? How much?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I am considering getting a Bm..

Have an interested Brave already.. but if there is a change in mind .. will re-post. Send email to my address above for eventual photos.

Thanks.. G.

Re: Re: Re: I am considering getting a Bm..

Hi Hal,

If you listen to any zydeco recorded since the early 90's, you will find a bunch that used a Bb accordion. Boozoo, Beau Jocque, Keith Frank, Zydeco Force, Step Rideau, Brian Jack - the list goes on an on. A lot of these guys use other key accordions too, but Bb became more-or-less standard at that time, and continues today.

Some of the Cajun players have used it too. Steve Riley comes to mind. I have heard Reggie Matte use one on recordings too, and I know there are others. It is more rarely used on the Cajun side of things however.


Re: I am considering getting a Bm..

Have you tried singing to a Bb? Or has the person who sings for you? I'd suggest you try it out first. I have a pretty broad range and I can't sing anything when played on a Bb. It's always too high or too low. May I suggest you consider an E? Just a thought.

Re: Re: I am considering getting a Bm..

I have the same problem with Bb.. which for lots of guys is the perfect solution for singing. I too have a broad range..but can handle E, as Sarah suggests..

Good luck..


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